Work place injury

If you have experienced a motor vehicle accident or work place injury you may be eligible to lodge a claim to Work Cover or TAC by initially being assessed by your General Practitioner (GP). Once you have your claim number and it has been approved you become eligible to receive physiotherapy services to manage your injury and get you better and fit for work.

Need help recovering from an injury?

Simple process to recovery

At Physio Inspire we understand how devastating and stressful your injury can be and the last thing you need is more paper work to worry about. So we can take care of the billing process for you to help clear your mind of extra admin work so you can stay focussed on getting better with the help of our physiotherapist. Being away from work can be stressful and this can heighten and delay your recovery. That’s why our physiotherapists are trained in the Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework in order to deliver the best possible strategies to enhance your recovery.