Whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational competitor or thinking of joining a sporting team; Physio Inspire can help you. No current injury? No problem -> Your treating physio will conduct a thorough head to toe screening assessment to identify risk factors (things which increase your risk of injury) specific to your sport. The screening process follows the kinetic chain from the foot and ankle up through the knees, pelvis, back and into the shoulder girdle and neck. Once these risk factors have been identified and explained to you then an exercise based treatment plan will be put into place to help you manage these issues in the long term to keep you injury free.

Experiencing a sport related injury?


Currently injured and unsure of when to return back to sport -> No problem. Your treating physio will assess and examine which structure has been damaged and manage you using first aid protocol. Once inflammation has settled treatment can transition into an appropriate loading, strengthening and sport specific exercise program. Return to sport can be daunting after a major injury so your treating physio will strap your affected area to increase support and prevent injury as required.


Reoccurring injuries are common if the rehabilitation process is ignored or overlooked. Under the guidance of our physiotherapists you can be assured you will be given a long term strengthening program specific to your injury and sport to prevent this injury from returning. A common example of a re-occurring sporting injury is the ankle sprain in various athletes. Up to 75% of initial lateral ankle sprains lead to repetitive strains and chronic symptoms. Understanding these statistics will help you become diligent with the rehabilitation process and empower you to strive for independence.