Injury rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is a broad term which refers to the management of a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries such as muscle tears, tendon tears, ligament sprains, nerve impingement, buldging/prolapsed discs and so on. Successful rehabilitation requires a specific, tailored treatment plan involving appropriate manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. Identifying the structure/s affected and with in-depth understanding of mechanical and physiological properties of the affected tissue will guide your physiotherapist to administer the most appropriate treatment.

Injured and need rehabilitation?


The mechanical properties of different structures in your body differ, respond differently to certain treatments and have different stages of healing. Understanding this process thoroughly will allow your physiotherapist to be able to apply the correct amount of manual intervention at the right time coupled with the right exercise. An example to understand the above is an acute (less than 48-72 hours) ankle sprain which certain manual therapies would not be indicated, however it would be indicated in the sub-acute or chronic phase. Timing is everything in rehabilitation and we are here to guide you in this process.