Fall prevention

Falls account for the highest cause of serious injury in the elderly and places a large burden on the Australian Health Care system. The cause of falls are multi-factorial such as reduced balance, strength, vision, coordination, medication side effects, environment, incontinence, mental state, appropriate footwear and any other physical or mental impairment. A thorough assessment of strength, balance and function by your physiotherapist can ensure a safe, easy, and effective exercise based treatment plan can be established to reduce your risk of falls. A common reason for entry into a nursing home is that your loved one may need 24/7 supervision due to repetitive falls which may be prevented with early physiotherapy intervention.

Need help with aged care rehabilitation?

Residential aged care facility

Where appropriate, Physio Inspire can come to you whether that be in your home or at a nursing home. It is well established in the literature that residents in nursing homes decline in mobility and function at a significantly faster rate than if they were to live at home alone. It is understandable as all your needs are taken care of such as clothing, cooking, feeding and cleaning, the lack of activity can easily lead to reduce cardiovascular endurance and muscle atrophy. Families may consider arranging physiotherapy services once a week to maintain your loved one’s mobility and function or up to 3 times per week to gain improvements.