Do we do home visits?

Home visits may be arranged with appropriate notice and scheduling. This is indicated if you are unable to attend the clinic then a physiotherapist will come to you. The cost of a home visit will include the cost of an initial consultation, and the hourly rate charged by the time travelled to and from the clinic to your home. The starting price for a home visit is $110 (if you live within 5 minutes by car).

Which health insurers do you accept?

Physio Inspire has access to 98% of health insurers plus Worksafe and Medicare to make claiming and payments easier for our clients. Please visit our health insurers page to see more.

What are the costs involved?

We keep our prices at a fair rate in line with our competitors. Unlike some practices, we ensure a personalised service, this means you are guaranteed one on one time with our physiotherapists for the whole duration of the consultation.

The fee schedule is outlined below:

Initial Consultation: $90                                                  (30-40 minutes)

Subsequent Consultation: $80                                        (20-30 minutes)

Fast relief: $50                                                                    (10 minutes)

Extended Consultation: $130                                           (45-55 minutes)

Holistic Intensive Therapeutic Treatment: $150         ( 55-60 minutes)



How can we organise a booking?

Call, email or message us and we will help you organise a booking for a suitable time.

What payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards as well as cash. If you wish to make an immediate claim, we accept private health insurance cards and can process your claim on the spot with our HICAPS machine.

How can I get a discount on physiotherapy services?

There are a few subsidies which may be available to you to receive discounted physiotherapy:

Firstly, if you have private health insurance and covered for extras then all you would need to do is pay the gap amount, depending on your policy.

Secondly, if your condition is chronic and lasted more than 6 months then you can talk to your GP to get a referral for physiotherapy for up to 5 treatments, this referral is valid for 1 year from the referral date and you are entitled to 5 treatments per calendar year. You are only required to pay the gap amount.

Thirdly, if you are a TAC, workcover or DVA patient then you can be bulk billed.

Lastly, if you are a private client you can buy a treatment package where you pay in advance for 5 sessions of physiotherapy and receive %15 off the total price.